Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Workout Testing with the New TRX Force Kit

The TRX suspensin trainer is fantastic; at least in my humble opinion. I've had fun with it in the past, watched the company grow, watched them infuse their product into the workouts of professional sports teams, etc., and I applaud their success.

BUT, it has been a long time since I owned the TRX suspension trainer! Now hold on, I have a good reason for this, and I'll keep it brief. I started with my own homemade suspension trainer made from rope and pvc pipe, and it worked great for less than $20! It was only after I had been using this thick-handled beast for some time that I bought my first TRX, and by then I was more comfortable with the homemade suspension trainer. (You can read about it here:  Homemade Suspension Training in the Garage .)

However, as with a lot of do-it-yourself items, this one eventually wore down and was converted into something else. Since then, I haven't done a lot of suspension training (homemade rings though, that's another story .) That is, until TRX came out with their new TRX Force kit. Ooooh, slick. At first I thought it was just another TRX Force with different colored straps, and it basically is. However it does have new handles, stylish new packaging, and includes a military grade 12 week workout. Okkk,

AND it's on sale! So I decided to get one, and this time I decided I would videotape my progress and post the videos here! (Well, on Youtube and then here.)

The reason is 1.) to ensure it gets put to a proper public test, and 2.) going public should provide me with ample motivation to complete their 12 week cycle, which I'm guessing is not easy, even for a guy who throws stones around in his backyard.

Stay tuned as we put the TRX Force (2.0) to the test and decide for ourselves if it is worth the price! Oh, and if you want to follow along, grab one of your own: - Save Over 20% on The FORCE KIT! While Supplies Last! Click Here! TRX FORCE Kit. Now only $174.95