Monday, November 28, 2011

A TRX Exercise List for Suspension Training Beginners

When you first buy a trx suspension trainer, it comes with a clear and concise trx exercise list. For beginners, many of these exercises need to be modified, even if they have previous experience with resistance training in some form.

Suspension training exercises are demanding on the core musculature; everything from the abdominal wall in front (your ‘six pack abs’) to the oblique’s, lower lumbar and glutes. Just like with other new activities, it takes some practice to become proficient at trx training exercises.

Here is a list of some of the most common beginner trx exercises and how they can be modified for those just starting out.

The TRX Body Row: This is a great back exercise and easily modified for new trainees. The hardest version of this suspension exercise would be with the body completely horizontal.

To adjust to individual fitness levels, walk the body up from the 90 degree horizontal until the resistance is just right for you. Maintain perfect form, keep tension on the straps and keep the body stiff as a board throughout.

TRX Pull-Ups:  If you can do regular pullups, trx pullups will add a little bit of a challenge. If you cannot do a pullup, a suspension trainer will help you develop the strength to do one, while using the correct path of motion. People who want to do pullups should practice this modified version instead of, or at least in addition to the trx body rows.

For a regular pullup, make sure the straps are high enough or bend your knees to keep the feet off the floor. Engage the shoulders by back and down, then pull and squeeze at the top of the motion.

For modified suspended pullups the concept is the same. The difference is, you will lower the straps enough so that when you squat down underneath the trx handles, you have a full extension in the arms and back. Be sure the hips are underneath the shoulders, and follow the instructions for a regular pullup.

When the modified version is too difficult, stay in the modified position and practice scapular retraction and the initiating pull. In other words, pull the shoulders back and down and start the pull, moving as far as you can and holding it for about 3 seconds.

TRX Pushups
The trx pushup is generally more difficult with your hands in the straps. However, if you have a weak core, executing a flat pushup with your feet in a suspension trainer will be still be a task. Instead, start in an incline position of about 45 degrees, with your feet on the floor. Increase the incline if this is still too hard, but not so far that your hands are above your shoulders.

This suspension training exercise has many variations, but if none of them are possible in the beginning, practice isometric holds at increasingly difficult angles.

For instance, do a 45 degree pushup hold for 3 sets of 10 seconds. Work your way to a flat pushup hold (feet on floor,) and when this becomes comfortable, start doing full range of motion suspended incline pushups.

When you can hold yourself in a pushup with your feet suspended and your hands on the floor, start doing full range of motion pushups this way. Always remember that the core is the key to these exercises and needs to be activated to prevent injury.

TRX Burpee
This exercise is a fantastic metabolic booster, meaning it will use huge amounts of energy and kickstart your calorie burning furnace. However, a beginner to suspension training workouts should start by mastering each section of the movement.

Starting with one foot in the straps (make sure it is in ‘single-handle’ mode.) Execute a lunge. Step forward with the free leg, tightening the core and making sure the knee does not move out ahead of the toes. Go down until the thigh is parallel and push back up. When you are proficient at the suspended lunge, move to the floating pushup.

From the lunge, bring the free leg back and keep it level with the suspended foot. This means maintaining a perfect plank. Then execute a pushup. When this is possible for several reps, add in the knee drive and hop.

From the pushup, explode the ‘floating’ leg upward to land in the lunge, then push off the leg and explode upward. Now put all the movements together and do a full trx burpee!

Master this trx exercise list and you will be well on your way to a brand new body and level of fitness. Remember to master one part of the progression before moving to the next. This will help prevent injury and give you a better workout. Now go grab a trx or trx force and get moving!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

TRX Fusion Kettlebell and Dumbbell Workouts

TRX suspension trainers are becoming part of professional, collegiate and amateur level strength and conditioning programs every day. The tough straps system provides a demanding core workout and insists on exacting form through proper planes of motion.

While the TRX suspension trainer is a fantastic invention, it can only do so much. Which is why TRX teamed with famous kettlebell coach Pavel Tsatsouline a while back to create kettlebell/TRX fusion workouts to build more strength and muscle.

The first DVD they created is called TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning, and after watching the previews, you know you’re in for an intense and exciting workout!

Have a look at this preview:

 This DVD offers a lot of material, but a couple of the exercises stand out, the Power Pull while pressing a kettlebell, creating a pull/press motion; and the Lunge with a kettlebell racked on the shoulder.

Of course you don’t have to have a kettlebell to do this series, a dumbbell will work if you are careful when you swing. Perhaps the best thing about this DVD is the ideas you get for creating your own TRX/kettlebell/dumbbell exercises.

For instance:
 -Assisted Pistols with the weight at shoulder or pressed overhead.
-Horizontal One Arm Row with Press
-Weighted Pullups or Rows (with dumbbell between thighs)

You can find the link for shopping the TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning DVD here:

This DVD includes a TRX set-up and use manual, an 18-minute mini course on Kettlebell Training. A 60-minute workout covering 20 exercises. As well as more than 20 minutes of warm up and cool down.

For a more intense and integrated kettlebell/TRX workout, check out the TRX Iron Circuit Power DVD. (This DVD includes a video library showing exercise progressions and modifications, comprehensive TRX set-up and use instructions, an 18-minute intro to kettlebell training, over 15 minutes of warm up and cool down, and a durable guide complete with instructions for each exercise.)

TRX Force Kit preview video:

There are many more exercises, and all the motivation you will need in the Iron Circuit Conditioning and Iron Circuit Power DVD’s. These workouts can’t be done without your TRX though, so if you still haven’t purchased yours, now is the best time to do it. Holiday specials and free shipping are happening now. Click on the banner below and give yourself an early present!

   Get 25% off plus free shipping and bonus gift

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Workout Testing with the New TRX Force Kit

The TRX suspensin trainer is fantastic; at least in my humble opinion. I've had fun with it in the past, watched the company grow, watched them infuse their product into the workouts of professional sports teams, etc., and I applaud their success.

BUT, it has been a long time since I owned the TRX suspension trainer! Now hold on, I have a good reason for this, and I'll keep it brief. I started with my own homemade suspension trainer made from rope and pvc pipe, and it worked great for less than $20! It was only after I had been using this thick-handled beast for some time that I bought my first TRX, and by then I was more comfortable with the homemade suspension trainer. (You can read about it here:  Homemade Suspension Training in the Garage .)

However, as with a lot of do-it-yourself items, this one eventually wore down and was converted into something else. Since then, I haven't done a lot of suspension training (homemade rings though, that's another story .) That is, until TRX came out with their new TRX Force kit. Ooooh, slick. At first I thought it was just another TRX Force with different colored straps, and it basically is. However it does have new handles, stylish new packaging, and includes a military grade 12 week workout. Okkk,

AND it's on sale! So I decided to get one, and this time I decided I would videotape my progress and post the videos here! (Well, on Youtube and then here.)

The reason is 1.) to ensure it gets put to a proper public test, and 2.) going public should provide me with ample motivation to complete their 12 week cycle, which I'm guessing is not easy, even for a guy who throws stones around in his backyard.

Stay tuned as we put the TRX Force (2.0) to the test and decide for ourselves if it is worth the price! Oh, and if you want to follow along, grab one of your own: - Save Over 20% on The FORCE KIT! While Supplies Last! Click Here! TRX FORCE Kit. Now only $174.95

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Professional Sports Teams Love the TRX Suspension Trainer

It would be easy to dismiss the TRX as a fitness fad. As one writer said, they are basically "redesigned gymnastics rings." But rings were not chosen by over a dozen NBA teams to breathe fresh air into their conditioning workouts; The TRX suspension trainer was.

The TRX simulates what players do on the court, and builds incredible core strength and endurance. This is why it crosses multiple sports borders. MMA, BMX, volleyball, football; everyone needs stability and strength while increasing (or at least maintaining) their range of motion.

In fact, TRX has gone international. The head of fitness for the English football team Liverpool relies on the TRX for preventing injuries and developing "agility, speed and power in all directions."

So what is the easiest way to put this versatile tool to use for non-pro athletes? Pick one of the inexpensive, sport specific dvds or digital downloads. By inexpensive, we're talking about $25-50 dollars. Better yet, get one of the bundled packages. The Adventurer's Bundle gives you the TRX Winter Sport Conditioning download, the Surf Stronger workout and the TRX Summit Workout Guide for the mountaineers out there.

The workouts can be streamed over your phone, so leave the dvd player at home. The best part? Take it all on the road for only $25. Nice,eh. A final word: Good instruction on this simple tool is definitely worth a few bucks. A little education will prevent a lot of injuries, and make your workouts much more efficient.

Hard to argue with abs like this

TRX RIP Trainer

Thursday, June 9, 2011

TRX Rip Trainer-Killer Applications to MMA Training

TRX suspension trainers are becoming more popular every day, and with good reason. They are serious equipment that challenges just about every type of athlete or fitness enthusiast. But what the heck is the TRX Rip Trainer?

The Rip Trainer is basically a take on resistance cable training, with some innovative, uh, twists. It consists of a stiff grip bar that attaches at either or both ends to variable resistance (light, medium or heavy) resistance cords. Made with the same intense black and yellow colors of the trx suspension trainer, TRX says that the Rip Trainer will help develop "rotational power, strength and core stability."

But wait, isn't that what the suspension trainer does? Yes, but the Rip cords add an element of dynamic motion to the drill. In other words, you can really develop explosiveness, or power, with the Rip Trainer.

Designed with the same 'anchor it anywhere' concept, the TRX Rip Trainer is priced the same as the TRX Pro Pack, and comes with a door anchor, carrying bag, instructional DVD and color guide to slap on your wall. This is all beautiful, but the video below is an excellent demonstration of how this piece of equipment is applied:

You can read more about the TRX Rip Trainer by clicking on any TRX link on this site.

TRX RIP Trainer

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suspension Training-Where to Use your TRX or Jungle Gym XT

If you have finally taken made the commitment and added a suspension trainer to your workout equipment arsenal, good for you! If not, that’s okay, keep reading and you may yet decide a suspension training workout is worthy of your time. One of the key benefits of suspension trainers like the Jungle Gym XT and TRX (or a length of rope and some handles) is portability.

Take the trainer with you wherever you like and set up in seconds for a great workout, right? The store bought trainers even come with door anchors or ceiling mount fixtures for a permanent anchor. But how well can you really work it with your Jungle Gym anchored to a closed hotel door? How about if you are stuck in a building where you wouldn’t hang your robe on the door, much less suspend your body weight from it? Can these tools even be brought on the airplane?

Great Workouts Anywhere in the World

Beijing has been installing outdoor gyms for the public since 1998, and they are up to over 4,000. Located throughout the city in parks and other common area, the colorful equipment is free to use and suitable for any fitness level
Is a TRX or Jungle Gym really fitness anywhere? To answer this, we will take a look at three different scenarios. The big city hotel scenario; the camping/expedition trip and the office.

The BIG City
Guests in a big (or small) city hotel almost anywhere in the world will usually have access to some type of gym. Some, like the J.W. Marriot resort in the Phoenix area, have a good selection of dumbbells, stability balls and cardio equipment with ample room to workout. Others are still stuck in the stone ages. In either case, there is an advantage to being able to warm up and workout without setting foot in the gym, but don’t neglect checking it out; if there is a handy power rack to attach your suspension trainer to, it would be good to know.

If it doesn’t make sense to worry over where to hang your Jungle Gym when you can use thedoor anchor, consider this: The presence of the door will restrict the number and intensity of the exercises one can perform. To get flat on suspended pushups, horizontal on rows, or in an ideal position for plank reach-unders, it is best if there is open space beneath the anchorpoint.

To solve this problem, try this; assuming the hotel stairwell is accessible, find the bottom level. Ever noticed how there are always a maze of pipes and beams at some point in a stairwell? Find a solid one and anchor the Jungle Gym. You can also try anchoring to the stair handrails, either inside or outside if it is practical. Door anchors do allow the user to perform a challenging workout, but for a change of scenery or an added challenge, look outside the room.

I’m Outdoors Y’Know
Unless you are going climbing outdoors, having the TRX along will be a nice perk. Even if you are a climber, suspension training is a great cool down and perfect way to execute supported stretches. The beauty of living outdoors for a few days (in the wild, not your backyard,) is there are an endless number of places to anchor a suspension trainer.

Even hiking through the desert there will be a selection of mesquite trees and boulders. Searching for a solid one suitable to hang some nylon webbing and straps from should not be difficult. If all else fails, anchor to the luggage racks on the top of the car/truck; or how about the door? Yep, the door anchor will work there too. Be creative and you will be glad you packed the extra two pounds of equipment.


Australian Beach Culture

 The world famous Bondi Beach didn't open to the public until the government stepped in around 1882. Starting in 1906, the city had electric tram service to the beach, which continued until 1961. Then, as now, parking lots were packed with cars despite the tram service. The visit is well worth searching for parking, however. Bondi beach boasts beautiful sand and surf, trendy rows of shops and of course, awesome outdoor workout facilities.

Stuck in the Office
More and more people are realizing the benefits of getting out of the office chair and exercising during their work day. Even if it is only to do a brisk walk during the lunch hour, the benefits are worth the light sweat you build up. Get a group going and you can all be sweaty together! When you own a suspension trainer, you don’t have to settle for a walk or basic calisthenics, though. Like any modern building that has stairwells and a parking garage, there are many places to anchor.

Follow the guidelines above to find an anchor point in the stairwell, or look outside for a suitable spot. I used to work in a single story building with low ceilings and nothing but a carport outside. The steel beams of the carport turned out to be perfect for anchoring suspension straps from. I was able to do my workouts in the shaded outdoors.

Consider areas close by the office, as well. How about a fence? Is there a high loading dock with a stair rail that is always empty on your lunch hour? Have fun with it, and bring a towel to dry off before you go back to work.


The Famous Muscle Beach

Established in 1934, the original Muscle Beach was located in Santa Monica. It was closed in 1959 due to maintenance issues, but was restored and remains a popular destination for people who want to experience the 'flying rings' or just hit the chinup and parallel bars. The Venice Beach location has become the mecca of outdoor bodybuilding. It was established in 1951 and is still a top attraction today.


It is hard to imagine a scenario where suspension training is not a viable mode of exercise. Considering the low price tag and light weight, you won't even know it's there; until it is time to use it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dancers find Suspension Training is the Perfect Workout

TRX has been absorbed by athletes from all walks of life. Because of the emphasis on core strength when using this suspension trainer, it carries over to a variety of sports, and is the perfect fit to increase flexibility and strength for all types of dancers.

The beauty of suspension training, as Diane Calver found out with her daughter's competitive dance team, is that it can be used to enhance very specific movements. While increasing strength and flexibility for these movements, the core is always activated. Even better, the TRX, when used properly, is safe for all ages. The members of the young dance team range in age from 6 to 17 years old.

While dance competition is tough, even at this age, it seems like it is only a matter of time before professional dancers incorporate suspension trainers into their off-season cross-training. The instruction is already there. In fact, a Pilates studio in the Phillipines has made ground-breaking progress in this area, and continues to innovate. She has several instructional videos on youtube to illustrate TRX applications to dance:

Because the TRX allows 360 degrees of movement, the sky is the limit when it comes to training applications. This is especially true for dancers, who express with their bodies through every possible range of motion. The addition of suspension training to a dance program is sure to help strengthen bodies to prevent injury, but also to build strength for advanced movements.

See the following links for strength training applications:

Serious Muscle Building with this Hardcore Suspension Training Workout

Friday, January 14, 2011

TRX TV Debuts New Format for Suspension Exercises

TRX has demonstrated once again why they are the leading suspension training company in the market. If you love the TRX suspension trainer, there is now a way to stay up to date on new moves and have live instruction whenever you need it.  Welcome to TRX TV.

As an answer to TRX users requests for more training footage, real-time workouts and innovative movements, TRX TVwill offer one 30 minute workout every month, downloadable to a mobile device or accessible through your computer.

These videos feature the same great instruction customers have come to expect from this company. In addition to this, three short workouts will be delivered once a week at the beginning of the week. That's a total of 13 workouts, which can be viewed as they come out or downloaded at once for $9.95/month.

Compared to the cost of the specialized workout videos TRX has been selling, this is a bargain. However, the content for TRX TV will be shorter, and presumably cutting edge. The TRX instructional videos may still be a better option for people with sport specific needs, e.g. MMA or surfing. But in time the new movements and training on TRX TV may replace all previous content. We shall watch closely and see. Hey, personal professional instruction for $10 bucks a month, why not?

Watch this clip to get an example of what's in store, then click on the TRX TV banner to learn more.

TRX TV. Tune on. Tune in. Work out. Introducing. All NEW weekly workout videos, training tips, & exercise guides. Tune in now.

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