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A TRX Exercise List for Suspension Training Beginners

When you first buy a trx suspension trainer, it comes with a clear and concise trx exercise list. For beginners, many of these exercises need to be modified, even if they have previous experience with resistance training in some form.

Suspension training exercises are demanding on the core musculature; everything from the abdominal wall in front (your ‘six pack abs’) to the oblique’s, lower lumbar and glutes. Just like with other new activities, it takes some practice to become proficient at trx training exercises.

Here is a list of some of the most common beginner trx exercises and how they can be modified for those just starting out.

The TRX Body Row: This is a great back exercise and easily modified for new trainees. The hardest version of this suspension exercise would be with the body completely horizontal.

To adjust to individual fitness levels, walk the body up from the 90 degree horizontal until the resistance is just right for you. Maintain perfect form, keep tension on the straps and keep the body stiff as a board throughout.

TRX Pull-Ups:  If you can do regular pullups, trx pullups will add a little bit of a challenge. If you cannot do a pullup, a suspension trainer will help you develop the strength to do one, while using the correct path of motion. People who want to do pullups should practice this modified version instead of, or at least in addition to the trx body rows.

For a regular pullup, make sure the straps are high enough or bend your knees to keep the feet off the floor. Engage the shoulders by back and down, then pull and squeeze at the top of the motion.

For modified suspended pullups the concept is the same. The difference is, you will lower the straps enough so that when you squat down underneath the trx handles, you have a full extension in the arms and back. Be sure the hips are underneath the shoulders, and follow the instructions for a regular pullup.

When the modified version is too difficult, stay in the modified position and practice scapular retraction and the initiating pull. In other words, pull the shoulders back and down and start the pull, moving as far as you can and holding it for about 3 seconds.

TRX Pushups
The trx pushup is generally more difficult with your hands in the straps. However, if you have a weak core, executing a flat pushup with your feet in a suspension trainer will be still be a task. Instead, start in an incline position of about 45 degrees, with your feet on the floor. Increase the incline if this is still too hard, but not so far that your hands are above your shoulders.

This suspension training exercise has many variations, but if none of them are possible in the beginning, practice isometric holds at increasingly difficult angles.

For instance, do a 45 degree pushup hold for 3 sets of 10 seconds. Work your way to a flat pushup hold (feet on floor,) and when this becomes comfortable, start doing full range of motion suspended incline pushups.

When you can hold yourself in a pushup with your feet suspended and your hands on the floor, start doing full range of motion pushups this way. Always remember that the core is the key to these exercises and needs to be activated to prevent injury.

TRX Burpee
This exercise is a fantastic metabolic booster, meaning it will use huge amounts of energy and kickstart your calorie burning furnace. However, a beginner to suspension training workouts should start by mastering each section of the movement.

Starting with one foot in the straps (make sure it is in ‘single-handle’ mode.) Execute a lunge. Step forward with the free leg, tightening the core and making sure the knee does not move out ahead of the toes. Go down until the thigh is parallel and push back up. When you are proficient at the suspended lunge, move to the floating pushup.

From the lunge, bring the free leg back and keep it level with the suspended foot. This means maintaining a perfect plank. Then execute a pushup. When this is possible for several reps, add in the knee drive and hop.

From the pushup, explode the ‘floating’ leg upward to land in the lunge, then push off the leg and explode upward. Now put all the movements together and do a full trx burpee!

Master this trx exercise list and you will be well on your way to a brand new body and level of fitness. Remember to master one part of the progression before moving to the next. This will help prevent injury and give you a better workout. Now go grab a trx or trx force and get moving!

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