Saturday, November 26, 2011

TRX Fusion Kettlebell and Dumbbell Workouts

TRX suspension trainers are becoming part of professional, collegiate and amateur level strength and conditioning programs every day. The tough straps system provides a demanding core workout and insists on exacting form through proper planes of motion.

While the TRX suspension trainer is a fantastic invention, it can only do so much. Which is why TRX teamed with famous kettlebell coach Pavel Tsatsouline a while back to create kettlebell/TRX fusion workouts to build more strength and muscle.

The first DVD they created is called TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning, and after watching the previews, you know you’re in for an intense and exciting workout!

Have a look at this preview:

 This DVD offers a lot of material, but a couple of the exercises stand out, the Power Pull while pressing a kettlebell, creating a pull/press motion; and the Lunge with a kettlebell racked on the shoulder.

Of course you don’t have to have a kettlebell to do this series, a dumbbell will work if you are careful when you swing. Perhaps the best thing about this DVD is the ideas you get for creating your own TRX/kettlebell/dumbbell exercises.

For instance:
 -Assisted Pistols with the weight at shoulder or pressed overhead.
-Horizontal One Arm Row with Press
-Weighted Pullups or Rows (with dumbbell between thighs)

You can find the link for shopping the TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning DVD here:

This DVD includes a TRX set-up and use manual, an 18-minute mini course on Kettlebell Training. A 60-minute workout covering 20 exercises. As well as more than 20 minutes of warm up and cool down.

For a more intense and integrated kettlebell/TRX workout, check out the TRX Iron Circuit Power DVD. (This DVD includes a video library showing exercise progressions and modifications, comprehensive TRX set-up and use instructions, an 18-minute intro to kettlebell training, over 15 minutes of warm up and cool down, and a durable guide complete with instructions for each exercise.)

TRX Force Kit preview video:

There are many more exercises, and all the motivation you will need in the Iron Circuit Conditioning and Iron Circuit Power DVD’s. These workouts can’t be done without your TRX though, so if you still haven’t purchased yours, now is the best time to do it. Holiday specials and free shipping are happening now. Click on the banner below and give yourself an early present!

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