Friday, January 14, 2011

TRX TV Debuts New Format for Suspension Exercises

TRX has demonstrated once again why they are the leading suspension training company in the market. If you love the TRX suspension trainer, there is now a way to stay up to date on new moves and have live instruction whenever you need it.  Welcome to TRX TV.

As an answer to TRX users requests for more training footage, real-time workouts and innovative movements, TRX TVwill offer one 30 minute workout every month, downloadable to a mobile device or accessible through your computer.

These videos feature the same great instruction customers have come to expect from this company. In addition to this, three short workouts will be delivered once a week at the beginning of the week. That's a total of 13 workouts, which can be viewed as they come out or downloaded at once for $9.95/month.

Compared to the cost of the specialized workout videos TRX has been selling, this is a bargain. However, the content for TRX TV will be shorter, and presumably cutting edge. The TRX instructional videos may still be a better option for people with sport specific needs, e.g. MMA or surfing. But in time the new movements and training on TRX TV may replace all previous content. We shall watch closely and see. Hey, personal professional instruction for $10 bucks a month, why not?

Watch this clip to get an example of what's in store, then click on the TRX TV banner to learn more.

TRX TV. Tune on. Tune in. Work out. Introducing. All NEW weekly workout videos, training tips, & exercise guides. Tune in now.

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