Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Professional Sports Teams Love the TRX Suspension Trainer

It would be easy to dismiss the TRX as a fitness fad. As one writer said, they are basically "redesigned gymnastics rings." But rings were not chosen by over a dozen NBA teams to breathe fresh air into their conditioning workouts; The TRX suspension trainer was.

The TRX simulates what players do on the court, and builds incredible core strength and endurance. This is why it crosses multiple sports borders. MMA, BMX, volleyball, football; everyone needs stability and strength while increasing (or at least maintaining) their range of motion.

In fact, TRX has gone international. The head of fitness for the English football team Liverpool relies on the TRX for preventing injuries and developing "agility, speed and power in all directions."

So what is the easiest way to put this versatile tool to use for non-pro athletes? Pick one of the inexpensive, sport specific dvds or digital downloads. By inexpensive, we're talking about $25-50 dollars. Better yet, get one of the bundled packages. The Adventurer's Bundle gives you the TRX Winter Sport Conditioning download, the Surf Stronger workout and the TRX Summit Workout Guide for the mountaineers out there.

The workouts can be streamed over your phone, so leave the dvd player at home. The best part? Take it all on the road for only $25. Nice,eh. A final word: Good instruction on this simple tool is definitely worth a few bucks. A little education will prevent a lot of injuries, and make your workouts much more efficient.

Hard to argue with abs like this

TRX RIP Trainer

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