Friday, April 9, 2010

Portable Functional Fitness

One of the most functional tools to come on the market in the past decade is the TRX suspension trainer.  TRX has taken the concept of portable fitness, coupled it with the effectiveness of gymnastics rings, and added some vital innovations to it as well.


Three design elements that differentiate the suspension training systems of Fitness Anywhere are the portability, quick strap adjustment, and foot straps.  The list could go on, but let's start with those:


-Portable Fuctional Workout:  


This system only weighs about  3lbs., and is easily packed into a small backpack or purse.  It sets up nearly anywhere, and does not require a lot of space to use.  The exercise dvd included with Fitness Anywhere's suspension trainers illustrates dozens of exercises; these can be modified to train for any activity, or make up your own.


-Quick adjusting straps mean the system can be changed in seconds to increase or decrease the level of difficulty, or to switch to another exercise.


 -Foot Straps make it possible to do some unique exercises as well as increase the angle of decline push-ups and do exercises like the suspended jackknife push-ups, all while keeping the top of your foot comfortable.   


Fitness Anywhere: Make your body your machine.


It's good to know how much quality goes into the products from Fitness Anywhere.  From the substantial strength of the nylon webbing material to the dynamic training dvd's, they show integrity in everything they do.  It keeps getting better, too.  The latest is the TRX Force, a beefed up military beige package offering additional educational dvd's with your purchase.  

For a great starter package, read about the package below, or click the link to learn about the entire line of Fitness Anywhere products.  

One more thing, if you have not seen the TRX in action, you must watch the video below-inspirational footage.

Drew Brees' Training Tools

TRX Pro Pack
The TRX®Pro Pack is our newest Suspension Training® system and it replaces the TRX Professional package. The NEW TRX® Suspension Training Pro Pack comes loaded with a redesigned TRX Suspension Trainer™ and 3-times more exercise content than the TRX Professional.

TRX in Action!

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