Monday, June 7, 2010

Basic Strength Exercises with a Cheap Suspension Tool

Suspension training with the TRX is awesome, but if you want to try it before shelling out over $150, check out the video below for a simple piece of equipment which will simulate the exercises you can do with the TRX.

There is something primal about making a functional tool out of the materials you have on hand.  For additional exercise options, try tying another loop of rope through the handles to make foot straps.  I have fun playing with my rope, what can I say. 

It is simple, but this inexpensive homemade exercise tool will give you an intense workout.  It took about ten takes before I finally finished the video above, and believe me, my body felt it.

However, the homemade version has some obvious disadvantages.  First of all, it has a fixed length.  With rings or the TRX, you can quickly adjust the strap length and be on to the next exercise.  My version in the video above requires several minutes of fussing to change the length, or I have to loop it around and around.  The other issue is the foot straps.  The TRX has stirrup style straps which make certain exercises, like jackknife or pike pushups, much more comfortable to do for extended periods of time.

The bottom line?  Try making your own suspension trainer as I have in the video, and get in some good workouts; but speaking from experience, it will leave you thirsty for the TRX.

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