Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Download the Hottest TRX Workouts Instantly

Already have your TRX suspension trainer but you want a fresh workout you can get immediately?  Download a sport specific workout from the choices below.  Each one walks the viewer through a unique approach to incorporating suspension training into their current  routine, with tips and ideas you probably wouldn't have thought of on your own.

Being able to simulate the movements of a specific sport is one of the most innovative features of the TRX.  Certain exercises like the Sprinter's Start, Reach-Under Plank, and the Scorpion have great crossover value in tennis, running, and MMA, just to name a few.  These exercises target the muscles of the core while increasing isometric strength, but they are only a glimpse into a whole new world of training these instructional videos open you up to.

Check out my favorite, the Performance MMA workout featuring Brandon Vera and Randy Hetrick; or follow triathlete Jessi Stensland through the Multi-Sport Strength workout.  Either way, you are sure to get an education, and a heart-pumping workout! Click on the picture below to get started!

Click here to learn about and compare all three training bundles

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